Product Co-development

Speeding Time-to-Market for Software Vendors’ Critical New Products

Bringing a new software product to market often takes more time, effort and money than originally planned. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) – whose success depends on delivering quality products quickly – cannot afford glitches in development processes or schedule delays. We can help ISVs by co-developing their products, leveraging our around-the-clock development capabilities and wide-ranging expertise to meet tight deadlines, budgets, and quality specifications.

Working hand-in-hand with our ISV partners, GLOBAL COMPUTER ARCHITECT can create:

  • Vertical applications that extend existing products into new markets. 
  • Web-enabled and e-Commerce versions based on Java, IBM and Microsoft servers and technologies.
  • Mobile-enabled Internet and enterprise applications that enable you to deliver enterprise content, conduct web-based transactions and interact with your customers, suppliers, partners and distributors through mobile devices.
  • Entirely new, custom-developed software products specified by our ISV clients.
  • Localized versions of products